Legal Draft

01Vakalatnama (English)English
02Adoption deed for the adoption of a major son-Deeds-Adoption-1934English
03Adoption of Male Child from Orphanage-Deeds-Adoption-1440English
04Affidavit of Surety in support of Bail BondEnglish
05Application for anticipatory bail in high court under Section 438 CrPCEnglish
06Application for anticipatory bail under Section 438 CrPCEnglish
07Application seeking adjournment under Sec 256 of CrPCEnglish
08Application seeking Bail Under Section 167 CrPCEnglish
09Application seeking exemption from personal apperance of Complainant AccusedEnglish
10Application Under Section 311 CrPC for Recalling of WitnessEnglish
11Application Under Section 320 CrPC for Compounding of CaseEnglish
12Deed of GiftEnglish
13Deed of Revocation of Power of Attorney-1149English
14General Power-of-Attorney from Person going to Reside Abroad-1152English
15General Power-of-AttorneyEnglish
16Notice Of Dissolution Of PartnershipEnglish
17Notice of expulsion of partner under section 33, Indian partnership act, 1932English
18Notice To Pay Mortgage MoneyEnglish
19Notice to railways for claim of liabilities in tortEnglish
20notice to tenant attorn tenancyEnglish
21Notice under sec.138-Negotiable Instruments Act-1346English
22Power of Attorney by a Firm-1157English
23Power of Attorney by Landlords in Favour of DevelopersEnglish
24Power of Attorney by TrusteeEnglish
25Power of Attorney to Agent for any particular Court CaseEnglish
26Power of Attorney to Recover DebtsEnglish
27Power of Attorney to Sell a Particular PropertyEnglish
28Power-of-Attorney for obtaining Sales tax RegistrationEnglish
29Power-of-Attorney regarding Property_CaseEnglish
30Power-of-Attorney regarding PropertyEnglish
31Power-of-Attorney regarding sale of stocks_sharesEnglish
32Power-of-Attorney to BankEnglish
33Proforma of a complaint under section 138 by a firm-Negotiable Instruments ActEnglish
34Regular Bail Application before Court of Metropolitan Magistrate us 437CrPCEnglish
35Regular bail Application before Court of Sessions Court us 439 CrPCEnglish
36Revocation of a Power-of-AttorneyEnglish
37Simple adoption deed-Deeds-AdoptionEnglish
38Substituted Power of AttorneyEnglish
39Notice to Vacate the rented property by tenantEnglish
40Notice for Initiating Contempt proceeding in CourtEnglish
41Section 138 pariwad / petition draft for advocates in HindiHindi
42Agreement between Contractor and Company or individual in Hindi / समझौता कार्य आदेशHindi
43Affidavit for not being a Corona Patient for employees in HindiHindi
44Affidavit in support of Date of Birth in HindiHindi
45Bail Application U/S 437 Cr.P.C. in HindiHindi
46The complaint in consumer Court regarding defect in the mobile phone in HindiHindi

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